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Bob visits the “Waterpark”

June 15, 2012 in Bob, Just Everyday Stuff by scobb77

So I’m driving home from work yesterday and during the drive I gave Ruthanna a call to see how everyone was doing. Since Ruthanna gets home about an hour or so ahead of me, she had already let everyone out of their kennels, finished feeding everyone and they were all back inside from doing their outside business.

As I’m talking, Ruthanna squeals, “what the…, I gotta get a picture of this!” and in the background I can hear all sorts of weird noises as well as Ruthanna giggling away.

After what seemed like an eternity of listening to all this, Ruthanna finally came back on the phone to tell me that she was sending me a picture or two. Here is what she sent -


It seems that Mr. Bob has now realized that he has grown and not only can he see where and how those other dogs are getting water, but he can also reach up and get in, thus creating his own private Waterpark.

by scobb77

Bob’s First Training Class and Weekly Weigh-in

June 10, 2012 in Bob, Just Everyday Stuff by scobb77

This week Bob had his first puppy training class which went better than expected. Not the best one in the class but he didn’t do too bad.

When it comes to doing something for treats, Bob is Johnny-On-The Spot, literally. He can’t plant his butt fast enough for a sit if it means treats. He also did exceptionally well learning how to touch.

His weak point? Well that would be off leash following. That just isn’t going to happen at this stage of the game. You can see the thought process when this exercise starts -
Ruthanna – “Come Bob!”
Bob – “Is she nuts?! I’m not trotting after her. Heck, it’s not the bigest room, she’ll be back around in a moment if I just lay down here. Hey, you know, while I’m waiting,  those other people in here had treats too…and they’re closer so I don’t have to hardly walk at all. Let’s go say Hi.”

The other nice thing about training class? Bob is wiped out for most of the afternoon!

Bob out like a light

The bad thing about training? Bob wakes back up with a vengeance!

Now as for training at home, the other three, Ursa, Piper and even Sadie, couldn’t be happier. They are overjoyed with giddiness at the prospect of getting treats as well. In fact for three dogs that at times act like they’ve never been trained, it’s amazing how quickly all the commands come rushing back.

This week’s Bob weigh-in and height:

6/10/2012 29 pounds 16.5 inches

Bob grew about an inch this past week and added on 5 more pounds!

by scobb77

Bob vs Sadie – King of the Couch

June 6, 2012 in Bob, Just Everyday Stuff by scobb77

Last week it was Bob and Piper. Those two couldn’t be separated. This week Sadie has decided that Bob is ok and has decided to go ahead and allow Bob to play with her. In reality, Sadie was just getting jealous that Bob and Piper were having fun.

So now we have a nightly game of chase and then a couch fight to see who’s going to be king of the couch. The fact that Bob can’t get up on the couch (and won’t be allowed up for many months) is irrelevant to both.